Our Team

(University Librarian)

Prof.(Dr.) Abdul Majid Baba

Qualification : M.Phil. , Ph.D.

Specialization : Library Administration and Management

Email : headlib@iul.ac.in

Department :

(Assistant Librarian)

Ateeq ur Rahman

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc. M.Phil. M.Com. PGDCA

Specialization : Acquisition & Entries of Books, Journals. Circulation Services. Report for SIF of PCI. Other works of Library.

Email : ateeqlib@iul.ac.in

Department : Central Library

(Assistant Librarian)

Dr. Uma Pandey

Qualification : M.Phil. M.L.I.Sc., Ph.D.

Specialization : Classification and Cataloguing, Subject Analysis and Documentation , Acquisition of Books

Email : umalib@iul.ac.in

Department : Central Library

(Assistant Librarian)

Dr. Prachi Shukla

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc. UGC-NET,Ph.D.

Specialization : Serials Management. Information Services. Cataloguing and Indexing. Documentation and Orientation Program. E-theses management.

Email : aishakid@iul.ac.in

Department : Management Library

(Assistant Librarian)

Ghazali Ashraf

Qualification : M.A. M.L.I.Sc. ADCA

Specialization : Reference Services, Thesis, Dissertation and Manuscript Management. Organization of Previous Exam Question Papers. Oriental Books Management.

Email : ghazalib@iul.ac.in

Department : Pharmacy Library


Atika Khursheed

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : Library Management. E-Reference Service. Organization of Library Resources & Internet Resources. Searching Methods.

Email : atikalib@iul.ac.in

Department : Medical Science

(Assistant Librarian)

Mohammad Talha

Qualification : M.A. (Psychology). M.L.I.Sc.M.Phil, UGC-NET

Specialization : Library Administration.Collection development & management.User services.

Email : talhalib@iul.ac.in

Department : Agriculture

(Assistant Librarian)


Qualification : B.A. ,B.L.I.Sc., M.L.I.Sc., M.A., UGC NET ,Ph.D.

Specialization : library & information management, knowledge management, information technology applications in libraries and e publishing

Email : nazias@iul.ac.in

Department : Education

(Information Scientist)


Qualification : MCA

Specialization : Digital Library and Software Management, Library Networking, Institutional Repository Implementation and Digital preservation

Email : kalimullah@iul.ac.in

Department : Central Library

(Library Assistant)

Mohammad Aurangzeb Khan

Qualification : UGC NET M.A. B.Ed. M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : Circulation Services. Report & Management.

Email : aurangze@iul.ac.in

Department : Central Library

(Library Assistant)

Mohd Mobin

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc

Specialization : Charging Discharging activities manual as well as automated. Reading room services.

Email : mobinlib@iul.ac.in

Department : Central Library

(Library Assistant)

Sheikh Shadab Alam

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc. M.Phil (LIS)

Specialization : Book Organization. Maintenance.

Email : sshadaba@iul.ac.in

Department : Central Library

(Library Assistant)

Shafique Alam

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc.M.Phil ( LIS)

Specialization : Library Management.Reference Services.

Email : shafiquea@iul.ac.in

Department : Civil Engineering, Electronic Communication

(Library Assistant)

Sharad Bajpai

Qualification : M.A.M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : Issue/Return of Books.

Email : sharadli@iul.ac.in

Department : Medical Library

(Library Assistant)

Kashifa Khatoon

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : Issue/Return of Books.Digitization

Email : kk@iul.ac.in

Department : Bioengineering, Biosciences

(Library Assistant)

Sufia Shehnaz

Qualification : B.A(Hons)B.L.I.Sc, & M.L.I.Sc

Specialization : Circulation. Cataloging. Accessioning.

Email : sshehnaz@iul.ac.in

Department : Architecture

(Library Assistant)

Shahwaz Mirza

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : Library Management.

Email : shahwazm@iul.ac.in

Department : Computer Science Engineering

(Library Assistant)

Mohd Rashid

Qualification : Qualification

Specialization : Issue/Return of Books

Email : mohdrashid@iul.ac.in

Department : Polytechnic Lucknow

(Library Assistant)

Mohd. Sirajul Hasan

Qualification : M.A.M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : User Services.Library Membership Management.

Email : sirajlib@iul.ac.in

Department : Computer Application

(Library Assistant)

Mohd. Asif

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc.

Specialization : Book Processing, Bar-coding and Labeling

Email : asifhasa@iul.ac.in

Department :

(Library Assistant)

Ahmad Jan

Qualification : B. L. I. Sc.

Specialization : On line & Offline Issued / Return of Books and other library Works.

Email : ahmadjan@iul.ac.in

Department : Nursing

(Library Assistant)

S.M. Murtaza

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc.,B. L. I. Sc.B.Com.ADPA.

Specialization : On line & Offline Issued / Return of Books and other library Works

Email : smurtaza@iul.ac.in

Department : Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics

(Library Assistant)

Imbesat Ahmad

Qualification : M-Lib

Specialization : Library Automation.

Email : imbesat@iul.ac.in

Department : Applied Science Library

(Library Assistant)


Qualification : M.Lib.,PGDA

Specialization : Serials and Patrons Management along with Circulation work.

Email : mateek@iul.ac.in

Department : Medical Science

(Library Assistant)

Preetika Tripathi

Qualification : M.L.I.Sc

Specialization : Circulation Services

Email : preetika@iul.ac.in

Department : Law